Rape As Misnomer Syndrome As An Act

Law is a necessary guidance to ward off the menacing infliction of rape in human society. Especially, in our nation at this time when the syndrome is gaining unwholesome spread like another epidemic.

Femi Akintunde Johnson, an erudite writer and scholar in its recent publication in Thisday newspaper of Saturday, 6th June 2020 was right in his warning signal on rape “…as the next epidemic.” His in-depth analysis of the rising abuse sweeping across the country absolutely opens the path to re-examine the evil clearly in an error-proof manner to resolve the ever becoming attitude that is fast unbecoming.

The National Assembly’s conscience was drawn recently to the untold consequences that a dastardly act like rape imposed on the nation, society and the family front when some marauders bereft of any iota of godliness trespassed into a sanctuary, named The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Edo State and raped to death, a promising young lady studying in the University of Benin. The departed soul cuts short in her prime is the late Uwaila Omozuwa. Her typical case from reported incidence within two weeks grown national with serial cases of gang rape and untimely deaths of more victims. This attrocity has deprived the nation and many pitiable families of their future pride, now resting in their early graves. May God rest their souls continually in peace, amen. 

For how long would the country continue to mourn from this saddening news? The nation now stands still with those in power, influentials and commoners calling for justice to nip the whirlwind in the bud. All hopes seem to lie on the instrumentality of law by providing a stiffer penalty as a deterrent and enforcement by the law machinery.

Giving a thorough enquiry on the obligative role of law in society, can law and its proposed “stiffer penalty” dissuade the despicable act? Can it ensures natural justice by preventing the unsuspecting victims from the danger, if it shows no concern for the impulsive minds to inhibit self-restraint? Can the law being proposed be a sufficient guide against the commission of this heinous crime? When the girl-child and innocent women whose cases are steadily rising fall victim to indecent rape, how does the law ensure natural justice to victims in their death or compensate the scars of the mind and physical bruise of the body, if the victims are lucky to survive? Hope the states and federal government would pay attention to these questions as fundamental to approaching the invincible threat.

To have a corrective law that can reverse the preponderance of rape in the nation, the law can only be justified, if law makers can clinical unearth some peculiar serious human conditions that may be a harbinger for rape in the country because there are facts of their existence, and the law should address those critical conditions of the would-be rapists in our larger public. This is the bar to adjudge the proposed rape law as positive and constructive. We should take a rigorous exercise as a nation in the twilight to be more concerned with the all-important question: Why do men rape? 

Amending both the criminal and penal codes to incorporate stiffer punishment only, would amount to a nullity of the legislative process. If such amendment lacks equity that can effectively address the remote and immediate cause of rape against our opposite sex. Therefore, the making of a new law to prohibit this infidelity would be an error in totality, if the focus is punitive without concern for cause and prevention. The inability to dig down to unravel the source to improve the gap of the present extant laws would cripple the remedy that should be the ultimate justification for a new enactment.

According to the verified statistics, the frightening figure of one out of ten girls sexually violated before the age of eighteen years is worrisome. Also, the ratio of sexual abuse against women is getting too rampant. To say that the rising number of sexually abused cases are unabated is regrettable as national eyesore. According to the report of the Lagos State Ministry of Justice released on 14th May 2019 for criminal cases between January -March, child defilement constitutes sixty-eight percent of the crime cases within the period. 

Doing an X-ray of the remote cause of the assault, medical evidence has confirmed the act to somewhat illness of the mind which torment the perpetrators until they are left off the hook, after they must have engaged in unproductive sex with innocent victims. So, how can law in observed case of psychopath guaranteed equitable justice for the sick of this type? 
On the other hand, the ignoble act is a product of another illness known as a sociopath that has developed to a normal lifestyle for some idiotic, sex mongers to perpetuate the act of indecency. Because, the mind for too long lacks the value of moral discipline in adulthood to sustain the carriage of a good and humane personality. A typical instance is the challenge of the adolescents, some of whose minds are tormented by the sexual urge and they begin to crave to have it indiscriminately. The obsession pampered for too long results in the insanity of the minds, pushing men to commit their morbid desire against women. That is why a low self-esteem young man at twenty-five will have the effrontery to rape a seventy years old woman in her sleep. What about risualists who rape in anticipation of inordinate wealth in our culture? 

Some youths till now pay money at cafes simply to watch porn. Also, with the increase in the use of the mobile phones, the microchips have become floodgate staggering  unscrupulous desire for the unisex-younger folks to induces rape apart from nudity, half nakedness, wearing of crazy tattered jeans trousers or jeans shorts, to adornment of other puritanically offensive clothes, have been attributable to girls and ladies as influencing the attitude. With the growing revolution in tech and proportionate increase in the number of tech-savvy teens and adolescents, and the decline of values in our society, a gulf so destructive to sustaining a peaceful coexistence is becoming so noticeable and a denial of this truth means no respite in sight. 

To say that evil appearances are bad is better acknowledged if one has ever witnessed a monkey sighting a charming woman and it begins to play funny like a real human. So, when a female dressed indecently and walks before monkeys, he can be raped and the law may find it difficult absolutely to absolve her of total innocence. This is food for thought! Another home truth well known in rural areas is that, when a gorilla approach a vicinity and ambush, women and girls are given precautions to avoid going to the stream or road leading to their farmlands where the ape representative is discovered until men are able to dislodge it from taking a stronghold of their vicinity. 
The foregoing is another pointer showing that the proposed law must not be an arm-chair exercise. The exhibition of the animalistic tendency by some nefarious guys which results in frequent rape in society nowadays, tenaciously proves the human circumstances of some men are in need of more medical, moral and spiritual supports than a punitive law. Advocacy and social enlightenment across different strata of society in a sustainable manner can be the surest preventable medicine that would have to come with the proposed law to heal the offensive hearts.

Little wonder! In Mariam Aba’s “So long A Letter”, men are described as “a beast” because of his bestial nature. This is an overwhelming human conditions begging for societal recognition and support for constant improvement of their minds. So, people habouring such illicit motives irrespective of their age can be observed in their manner or pathetic human conditions and would need to be identified, tracked and embraced for proper observance. 

A few years back during the re-registration of sims by subscribers of the global system mobile telecommunications, a young man at one of the MTN experience centres in Lagos filed behind a woman among several other subscribers and waiting to be called in to re-register his sim. The man after some time was found having an erection and dropping on the ground behind the woman. This scenario is a hazard that may induce addicts in some men. 

As follow-up questions, how can one explain the increase in the sinful act of an aged, old man of over sixty, defiling five-year-old girls and teenagers?  By extension, why do some criminal elements gang-rape? On the other hand, how can society help this human difficulty and purge itself of the menace of old men raping minors? Also, would the law not conceive some reasonable care about the home front in every neighbourhood of our society where the wickedness is inflicted? The wind blowing from all sides call for public vigilance from the home, governments and other relevant stakeholders to abate the wilful incidence. Because true sense of community is dying too fast. That some men have the audacity to break into a private residence of other people, invade their homes and gang-rape the females is a clear act of recklessness and criminality of the highest order that must be given severe sanctions. The law needs to be fair in understanding all issues concerning rape before contemplating a verdict.

Advocacy is where leaders, both spiritual and temporal have failed the nation. True Love is fading and the ethics of traditional society is crumbling to excessive globalization. Whereas, the globalist society have no experience of such social vice except commercial sex.  

Rape is indeed condemnable act and the surge must be reversed now at this imminent period of social distancing due to covid-19 pandemic. It is therefore expedient at this moment to rework a meaningful law that can subdue the shameful assault rasing heads like monsters to safeguard a better society where the opposite sex will not suffer the ill-fated violence anymore. The law should be more contemplative of all the human conditions that can lead to rape and mute redress in advance before thinking of apprehension of suspects. Rape in Nigeria is seeking urgently for solution and the way out is to have an open mind to digest concrete solution. The hallowed chambers, governments, and relevant stakeholders need to do more to enhance justice for rape from two sides of the premises as misnomer syndrome as an act.

Coronavirus: Unwinding A Global Health Crisis

The scourge of coronavirus from all indications around the globe has firmly established the pandemic to be a warfare of science and technology ravaging world peace and security with insidious harm to human health and wealth.

Alas! While the global infection threatens the world with unprecedented cold murder of both humans and the economy in the ongoing record of fatalities, we may have all forgotten probably, the end time prophecy since the outbreak of the pandemic in the world. It is a dangerous recipe that people are not sparing a thought for the pestilence at hand to unravel the truth about science and technology which results in an evil more heinous than crimes ever committed by any mortal, may not have an absolute panacea by itself. Can science bring a solution we hope for? The devil can only kill. It cannot heal whatever it kills.

The world has witnessed facts and fiction of dialectical powers of the United States and China in the ensuing world polemic between a giant and tiger countries including the growing interest from various acolytes concerning the link of these two with the origination of the virus and the 5G invention.

Although, sophists have disapproved of any link between the virus and 5G. Notwithstanding the rhetoric of the pundits, the truth and falsehood of the novel coronavirus have shown evidence of the radiation of the 5G internet discovery on human health as a greater risk. Little wonder, legislative institutions of many nations have outlawed the use in their respective homelands.

As man insatiably locks interest in the ancient house of babel to growing the intellect that speedily heads towards massive destruction of lives, the world unconsciously sets on its primitive past in the days precipitating World War first and second with history which leads to the formation of the United Nations in 1945 to promote world peace and security.

It is very critical to behold the United Nations critical decision making organs involving the heads of governments of various countries and the security council to have abdicated their sole responsibility wholly to the International health institution, the World Health Organization (WHO), to proffer solution to a ravaging pandemic caused by the coronavirus around the world.

Now, the growing concern hoped by most people for a total lift of the lockdown and a return to the normal situation are being contrasted by down to earth scholars whose realistic school is showing a graven signs of a new world order that has come to replace globalisation in man’s attempt to control the world.

We are now being thought to understand and practice physical and social distancing together with other safety tips as prevention to escape a most horrible virus on earth. No more assembly or social gatherings of any kind till possible cure are discovered. This time, the tempest blows from the East for another conquest in human history.

No doubt, the global scourge may be the acidic test case that may prone nations leaders to evaluate the usefulness of the United Nations in the face of a ravaging pandemic and the growing threat of President Donald Trump of the United States to withdraw his country’s funding for the World Health Organisation. Eventually, he has terminates relationship with the global health body and withdraw the country’s funding for it.

It is becoming more manifest that the twenty-first century is a war outside material weapon, military might or natural resources but of knowledge with creativity, skills and much more as determining the positioning of countries. Technology is now the global weapon for encapsulating knowledge, skills and wisdom for exerting world power.

Africa and Nigeria in particular are not part of the industrialised nations, but their citizens are very religious with pride and practice of diverse culture. With these heritage being replaced by a new international prescription,”the power of death” mentioned in the scripture is a visible outpouring willing to plunge worship places into the internet and consequently distabilise divine physical congregations needed in the mode of worship world wide.

The new world order heralding itself into practice has successfully closed down all schools and worship centres amid the ease of the lockdown with permission to markets, essential and none essential services under certain rules to operate within some period of the day.

Coronavirus is real as much as it is a product of lack of contentment in the capacity of human development. Nigeria and Africa in general must also step up the growth for scientific and technological inventions to enjoy relative independence from former colonial masters. To this end, credit must be given to medical and phyto-therapists in Africa that have came up with solutions for possible trial and certification by governments.

Indeed, the White is more advanced than Africans. However, going by the present uncertainty, African leaders should think of how to navigate the continent safely from the ongoing pandemic with resolve to sustain a virile economy, protection of religion, and cultural peculiarities of various societies. Perhaps, literature should be meticulous in demystifying the conflict that science and technology have brought upon humanity.

The global infection may be a signpost to the biblical question of whether when the son of man shall come, he would find faith on earth? The question now demands greater thoughtfulness from Christian priests and followers amidst other adherents to pray universally against “the power of death” with unshaken belief in the authority that says, “on this rock, I will build my church” to escape the imminent danger brought up upon the earth.

The holy Bible admonished Christians to put up the victorious armour of faith and bring every disobedience to repentance, and this coronavirus is one calling for urgent prayers attention collectively.

There is diversionary attention at the world centre stage and spiritual leaders need to heed warning of the prophecy urgently to destroy the visitation of coronavirus on all nations. Fervent prayers is the antidote to unwinding the global health crisis from the surface of earth.

In one of the worship songs of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide, “No adversity can be so powerful and beyond the Supremacy of the Lord.” It is time to rescue the church, mankind and the global economy from the bondage of a violent pandemic. The truth is that without a spiritual antidote, the world may not experience normal lives again.

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Between Civil Lagos and Rustic Rivers: To Be Fore Warn….

Coronavirus in Nigeria, in less than three months of the index case, is assuming unimaginable height with a steady rise of the cases of infection on a daily basis. So far, thirty-four States out of thirty-six in Nigeria within the record time have contracted the pandemic.

With the incidence leaping in number towards five thousand positive cases and beyond shortly, the Federal Government through the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19, Nigeria Centre for disease control and various States Government have been intensifying efforts to contain the dreaded disease through different preventive controls.

The current escalating figure in different Isolation Centres has overstretched the entire hospitals’ beds in the federation including the shortage of regents and personal protective equipment for health workers. The Conference of Catholic Bishops took a heroic stand by donating their over four hundred hospitals and clinics in the Country as Isolation Centres to the Federal Government. Same thing with the pastor of Latter-Rain Assembly in Lagos.

The heroes of our Nation, the health workers who put their lives on the line are now been affected by a growing number of them becoming casualties in their callings to safe scores that have been affected by this virus. Are we really safe? Journalists taking responsibilities as frontline responders on Covid-19 for Nigerians to have the full updates of developments are also joining the league of Coronavirus casualties.

That an infection, that is hard-hitting the whole World at the same time is making no difference to the personal habits and lifestyles of so many individuals in our Country inarguably call for decisive actions when all entreaties to generate sober reflections on a World calamity and compliance with preventive measures from people in the polity are being resisted.

In Lagos State, the Governor who doubles as the incidence commander has been thoroughly civil and charismatic in providing a contemporary best approach to handling the spread of the pandemic in the State that has assumed the epicenter for the disease. Yet, millions of residents still revel in conviviality in several public places, as if they are invincible. Most people actually do not give a damn.

The State Government at some points till recently had shut down hotels, impeded partygoers, and prosecuted many violators in Courts.

Notwithstanding the open abuse, the State Government is tirelessly leading the fight against Coronavirus with the increase in the provision of health care facilities and decentralization of its Isolation Centres in twenty Local Government Areas of the State to curtail community spread that may lead to a possible spike.

It is a universal truth that “where there is no law, there is no offence” sets the example for the demolition in Rivers State.

The State Government after moving on the roads with its Taskforce to monitor compliance with the restriction placed on movement and social distancing in the State met a flagrant violation of its executive order and did apprehended most illegal itinerants, impounded their vehicles for auctioning and eventual prosecution.

As the Government took these punitive steps aiming to stimulate obedience from all its residents, the Governor at the inauguration of the newly constituted Local Government Task Force on COVID-19 on Thursday last week had issued the directive
to the Taskforce, as well as directed officials of the State Ministry of Tourism to move around all hotels in its territory and recommend the hotels and beer parlours that did not comply with the State executive order for demolition.

In his address, he made it loud and clear that “From tomorrow, move into any hotel that is operating, identify it and we will bring down the hotels.

“I have the political will. Those people who disobey will face the consequences. Nobody should come from outside to compound our problems and import this invisible killer. We will not accept that.”

“We should not allow what is happening to continue, we don’t have the capacity to face it and there will be no support from any quarter” had absolved the Governor of any high handedness.

The people of the State were well informed about the Government’s position to demolish any building over contravention. Yet, the proverbial physically challenged have refused to heed the stern warning of a Governor.

Considering the civil Lagos and the rustic Rivers, there is hardly total compliance from their people who are being protected by their various States Government from the manic jaw of the most virulent pandemic in human history.

With the prediction of the World Health Organisation saying that Africa would soon become the epicenter of Coronavirus in another six months at a figure reaching ten million cases, it is not because the continent is having a spike currently in the number of incidents across its various regions. However, the global health institution through its regional watch and collation of feedback on Africa has found that the continent may become a hotbed due to uncontrollable tendencies of the various populace to disperse safety tips.

With the mysterious deaths and cases of Covid – 19 peaking daily in Kano, Jigawa, Yobe, Bauchi, Borno among the other Northern States and the infiltration of the  “Almajiris” across all States in the Country, having another lockdown may be very much in sight.

Covid-19: Easing The Lockdown And The Evil Around Us

The evil around us is actually the evil in us. The “pathological discipline” that we all display as Nigerians when we need to exhibit discipline and orderliness to control the chaos that threatens our civility and resilience.

Nigeria is among the almost two hundred Countries currently facing the threat of Coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging all the Continents in the World, since the index case by an Italian traveller into the Country on 25th February 2020. The subsequent rise till now on a daily basis was contracted by the affluence who travelled out of the car ountry to infect several other people at home.

The steady rise initially caused President Muhammadu Buhari to lockdown Abuja, Lagos, and Ogun State, effective from Tuesday, 30th April 2020 for an initial two weeks and subsequent extension by another two weeks.

Monday, 4th May 2020 marked the first day to gradually ease out the lockdown in the Federal Capital Territory and the two States. Although, Governments of  Lagos and Ogun have issued separate guidelines to their residents to further achieve containment.

The pandemic which presently has no clinically approved vaccines for the cure of the novel Coronavirus, except controversial drugs adopted by the United States, Madagascar, and a few other Countries that have disclosed the discovery of a possible cure.

Nevertheless, the only preventive medicine to Covid-19 universally has remained safety tips as advised by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Some of these safety tips are regular hand washing, sanitizing, use of face mask, social distancing, and other guidelines by Governments.

The infections globally have recorded three million casualties and over five hundred fatalities, with Europe and America being the worst hit by the pandemic. The most affected Countries so far have been on total lockdown till now before our Country.

With the lift of the lockdown, all Nigerians should take responsibility to curb the spread of this highly infectious disease, by adhering strictly to safety measures to save lives and the economy, especially in Lagos and across the federation considering the consistent updates of so many cases from Governments.

However, the first day of the lift had been marred with the excessive flouting of the safety rules and regulations to preserve our dear lives. The gloomy irrationality of arrogance, overcrowding, commotion, traffic congestions, none use of face mask, disobedience to safety measures on commuting as shown by residents of Abuja, Lagos and Ogun in most public places has evidently re-affirmed the unsettling problem of Nigerians as indiscipline. 

In spite of excessive complaints of lack of palliatives distribution to vulnerable Nigerians put at 82.9% according to the latest report by the National Bureau of Statistics on 4th May 2020, we have all witnessed the increasing rate of deaths of many victims as a result of Coronavirus. Indeed, sanity and compliance with safety tips and guidelines are supposed to be our collective watchword.

The pandemic is now a reality beyond sensation and delusion. Yet, many people have turned themselves to homeless wanderers, playing pranks to evade authorities to perpetuate transmission of this highly contagious disease on many innocent souls around our various communities. Why some of these elements have escaped from different Isolation Centres in some States, some men about forty were apprehended in Lagos on Monday, all the way from the far North, Zamfara. Also, the police have arrested many of these culprits in Kwara State including some other parts of the Country. Also, some citizens had indulged in indiscriminate violation of no social gatherings, social distancing, and illicit sex at the expense of public health.

It will be a total collapse of consistent efforts to flatten the curve if people fail to cooperate with Governments at this critical time to halt the spread of COVID-19. Because Nigeria has reached the third phase of the pandemic management protocol and will not fall back to the second phase but will have to begin again to recovery process. The likelihood, however, may lead to a serious economic recession and massive deaths.

With the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, NCDC, and the Lagos State Government, in particular, expressing grave concern about a possible spike in the shortest time, Nigerians need to be advised to eschew dishonesty to avert a looming national tragedy and abide by the safety rules. At the same time, Governments need to embark on a drastic, full compliance approach with the safety guidelines by waging war on people deliberately abusing the process.

Together, we can win against the savagery of Covid-19. Nigeria, no doubt, cannot withstand the shock being experience now by the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, and Spain. Ghana is the first African country to lift the lockdown. Ironically, it recorded over two hundred cases within twenty-four hours, with total cases in a fortnight reaching sixty percent after the lockdown.

President raises alarm over COVID-19 kits as goats and pawpaw test positive

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President raises alarm over COVID-19 kits as goats and pawpaw test positive

by Jungle Journalist

Tanzania president, John Magufuli on Sunday ordered a probe on the country’s coronavirus testing kits after samples taken from a goat and pawpaw tested positive.

Speaking at an event in Chato in the northwest of Tanzania, Magufuli said the COVID-19 testing kits which had been imported from abroad had “technical errors”.

The president said he had instructed Tanzanian security forces to check the quality of the kits, who then randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from a pawpaw, a goat, and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages.

According to him, these samples were then submitted to Tanzania’s laboratory to test for the coronavirus, with the lab technicians left deliberately unaware of their origins.

President Magufuli later disclosed that samples from the pawpaw and the goat tested positive for COVID-19, adding it was likely that some people were being tested positive when in fact they were not infected by the Coronavirus.

“We extracted a sample from a goat which turned positive. This tells you that something is not adding up,” he stated.

“Are we now supposed to quarantine goats and fruits?” President Magufuli questioned.Jungle Journalist | May 4, 2020 at 8:32 am | Tags: COVID-19 test kitsgoatsTanzania | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: https://wp.me/p2up3F-2ILCommentSee all commentsLike